Faculty Agro-Industry

 (050XXX - 099XXX)





051211  Biological Materials and their Mechanisms                                                               4(3-3)    

             Pre : 402311                                            

 Chemical structure and property of biological materials in agriculture that are important for industrial biological process of sugar, starch, cellulose, pectin, gum, rubber, protein, fat and oil, essential oil, plant acid, pigment and bitter substance. 


051231  Unit Operation in Agro-Industry I                                                                              3(3-0)    

             Pre : 417112 and 420118  or 420119                               

 Engineering unit and calculation. Thermodynamics. Material and energy balance. Properties and strength of material. Fluid mechanic and liquid mixing. 


051232  Unit Operation in Agro-Industry II                                                                            3(2-3)    

             Pre : 051231 and 417241                                 

             Principle of steady and unsteady state heat transfer, evaporation methods and equipment, psychometric chart, drying and freezing.


051312  Biophysical System and Activities of Microorganisms                                  4(3-3)    

             Pre : 419211 and 419214                                 

 Morphology, characteristics and classification of important and growth of industrial microorganism. Composition of cell and genetic material. Enzyme system, function and energy related to bioprocess.


051321  Biotechnology I                                                                                               3(3-0)    

             Pre : 051211                                            

             Physical and chemical processes in biotechnology application, extraction and purification. Process systems in industry, data collection, analysis and evaluation. Flow diagram of industrial processes, including factory visit.


051322  Biotechnology II                                                                                              4(3-3)    

             Pre : 051321 and 051231                                 

 The fermentation industries such as glutamic acid, citric acid, baker yeast, single cell protein, including enzymatic conversion of starch to glucose or fructose syrup and waste water treatment technology. 


051333  Unit Operation in Agro-Industry III                                                               3(2-3)    

             Pre : 051232 and 417242                                 

 Diffusion processes, phase relationship, stage and continuous operations, multistage operations with and without reflux, unsteady state operations, gas absorption, distillation, solvent extraction, leaching adsorption, ion-exchange and crystallization. 



051334  Biochemical Engineering                                                                                4(3-3)    

             Pre : 419211                                             

 Application of basic engineering and mathematical principles to describe growth and development and functioning mechanisms of micro-organisms, kinetics of growth, product formation and substrate utilization in batch and continuous culture as well as aeration and agitation, scale-up and basic principles of down stream processing, include factory visits. 


051361  Microbial Biochemistry and Regulation                                                         4(3-3)    

             Pre : 051312                                            

              Biodegradation and fermentation pathways are examined in detail. Mechanisms of metabolic control are then examined along with the characteristic improvements of microorganism by mutation and genetic engineering. 


051423  Biotechnology III                                                                                            3(2-3)    

             Pre : 051322 and 051333                       

 Engineering concept of heating and cooling such as unsteady state heat transfer, simultaneous mass transfer, refrigeration: calculation and design, irradiation technology and membrane technology. 


051424  Starch Technology                                                                                           3(2-3)    

 Chemistry of starch and starch molecule, fractioning of amylose and amylopectin chemical and physical conversion (modification) of starch and basic concepts of engineering in starch industry. 


051431  Control and Instrumentation                                                                           3(2-3)    

             Pre : 205201                                            

 Principle of measurement, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, flow measurement, level measurement, principle of process control, process characteristics control actions, proportional control, integral control, derivative control, process controller, function control values, control system theory. 


051432  Application of Mathematical Methods for Agro-Industry                              3(3-0)

             Mathematical modelling for agro-industrial processes. Numerical methods and numerical solution for nonlinear equations. Mathematical methods for solving ordinary differential equations. Application software for mathematical computation and process simulation.


051462  Industrial Fermentation                                                                                  3(2-3)    

             Pre : 419211                                            

 Biochemistry and physiology of industrial microorganisms. Methods of fermentation, microbial strains and production processes of various industrial products, include factory visits. 

 051463  Fermentation Processes                                                                                3(2-3)    

             Technological aspects of some fermentation processes. The trend and future potential of the fermentation industry are assessed, include factory visits. 


051464  Enzyme Technology                                                                                                    3(2-3)    

 Principle of industrial enzyme production by microorganisms: principle of industrial enzymology, selection of microorganisms, model of enzyme synthesis, cultivation technique, cell disruption, extraction, separation and purification techniques. Application of enzyme in industry. Principle of immobilized enzyme. Safety aspect in working with enzyme, include factory visits. 


051471  Biotechnology Design                                                                                     3(1-6)    

             A principle of process design in biotechnological industries, the analysis of investment cost and cost of production evaluation of unit process requirement in the process. The process varies from year to year. 


051481  Technology of Vegetable Oil Extraction                                                         3(2-3)

             Technology of design, extraction and purification of vegetable oil and fats. The process varies from year to year.


051482  Sugar Technology                                                                                            3(2-3)    

             Sucro-chemistry, including photosynthesis; D,L sugar classification; chemical reactions of sucrose. Sugar extraction and processes, production of white, raw and refine sugar. Quality control and boiling house, include factory visit.


051483  Waste Utilization                                                                                             3(2-3) 

             Principle and process of industrial waste utilization. Various process optimization, include factory visits.


051486  Essential Oils Technology                                                                              3(2-3)

             Principle of essential oils production, sources of raw material, utilization of essential oils in industries.


051487  Alcoholic Beverages Technology                                                                   3(2-3)    

             Kinds and production processes of alcoholic beverages. Quality control of raw material, processes and finished products, include factory visits. 


051489  Water and Waste Treatment                                                                           3(2-3)

             Principle of water preparation for industry use, control of industrial waste and waste treatment.


051497  Seminar                                                                                                                    1       


051498  Special  Problems                                                                                                1-3

             Bachelor degree research study and compiling into report.


051499  Research Techniques                                                                                      3(0-9)    

             Study of research techniques in biotechnology, analysis and evaluation, and compiling into report.








Food Science and Technology 



052101  General Food Science                                                                                     3(3-0)     

             Food resources, relation between agricultural products and food industry, food quality and nutritive value, causes of deterioration and methods of food preservation. 


052111  Introductory Food Science and Technology                                                               2(2-0)    

             Importance and sources of food materials, characteristics and quality of raw materials for foods, causes of food deterioration, food handling and processing. 


052221  Fundamental Food Processing                                                                        4(3-3)    

 Raw materials, postharvesting of plant and animal for fresh market and food processing,  raw materials preparation for industrial production, properties and uses of ingredients and processing aids in food industry, food formulation. Practical works included.


052302  Principles of Plant Product Preservation                                                        3(2-3)    

 Deterioration of plant food products and factors related. Principles of plant food preservation, storage, and processing of cereal grain, legumes, fruit and vegetable products. 


052303  Principles of Animal Product Preservation                                                                 3(2-3)    

 Deterioration of animal products and factors related. Principles of animal products, preservation, storage, and processing of meat, poultry, eggs, and fishes.


052304  General Dairy Products                                                                                   3(2-3)    

             Composition and importance of dairy and diary products, chemical and biological quality control, principles of dairy products preservation and processing of various dairy products. 


052312  Food and Nutrition                                                                                          2(2-0)

             Pre : 402311    

 Current nutritional trend, nutrients, nutritive value, problems from nutrients deficiency and symptoms, recommended dietary allowance and nutritional evaluation, changes of nutrients upon processing.


052313  Food Biochemistry                                                                                          2(2-0)

             Pre : 402311, 402312

 Chemical composition of foods, physio-chemical and functional properties of food components, chemical and biochemical changes during processing and storage, substances used as food additives.


052322  Food Processing                                                                                              4(3-3)    

 Principles of food processing and preservation by high and low temperature, water activity control, concentration, dehydration, chemical treatment and other means.


052323  Food Processing Technology                                                                                      3(3-0)    

             Pre : 052322                                            

             Technology of food processing, preservation and product development for food products, fermented products, products from cereal, meat, fishery, dairy, fat and oil; beverage, confectionery, industrial waste and packaging technology.


052324  Laboratory in Food Process Technology                                                        1(0-3)

             Pre : 052323 or together

 Production and quality control of food products from fruit and vegetable, cereals, meat, fishery, dairy, fat and oil, confectionery, beverages and others.


052331  Food Engineering I                                                                                                     4(3-3)    

             Pre : 051231 or 208221 and 208241                                            

            Engineering theory and principles in food processing, food processing equipment and food engineering operations including sedimentation, centrifugation, filtration, extraction, distillation, crystallization, heat exchanger, evaporation, dehydration, refrigeration and size reduction. 


052332  Food Engineering II                                                                                                    3(2-3)

             Pre : 052322

 Physical property measurement of foods. Mechanical property measurement of fluid. Flow through pipe and pump. Dimensional and similarity analyses. Momentum equation. Energy equation. Measuring instruments in industry. Automatic process control.


052341  Food Standard and Regulations                                                                      2(2-0)    

             Principles of quality grading, establishment of standards for food products, national and international food standards and regulations. 


052342  Food Quality Measurement                                                                                        2(1-3)

             Pre : 052322

             Important quality characteristic of food products, physical properties of food products and their measuring methods, criteria for selection of appropriate method for food product quality measurement.


052361  Microbiology of Agricultural Products                                                           3(2-3)

             Pre : 419211 and 419214   

 Classification of microorganisms important to agro-industry, factors affecting life and death of microorganisms in foods, food poisoning microorganisms, microbiological standards and quality assurance of foods. 


052414  Fundamental of Food Analysis                                                                        2(2-0)

             Principles and methodology of qualitative and quantitative analyses of food compositions, additives and contaminants; instrumental techniques.


052415  Laboratory in Food Biochemistry and Analysis                                              2(0-4)

 Laboratory practice on chemical analyses for food composition and additives, determination of specific food components, experiment on physio-chemical and functional properties of food substances and test for chemical deterioration of foods.



052424  Fruit and Vegetable Technology                                                                     2(2-0)    

 Relation between physiological properties of fruit or vegetables and processing condition to finished product qualities, processing methods and preservation, waste utilization. 


052425  Cereal Technology                                                                                                      2(2-0)    

 Characteristics and quality of cereal grains used in milling and milling products, processing of flour based products, storage and product quality change.


052426  Bakery Technology                                                                                                     2(2-0)    

             Type and properties of baking ingredients; formula balance, cereal products, processing and their keeping qualities, packaging and storage, quality control and management of industries.


 052427  Confectionery Technology                                                                                         3(2-3)    

             Principles and technology of confectionery product manufacturing, raw materials and their properties, quality control, packaging, storage and changes of confections during storage. Practical works included.


052428  Technology of Meat Poultry and Products                                                                 2(2-0)    

             Physical, chemical, and biological properties of meat, poultry, egg and their products related to processing and product qualities, preservation and processing of animal products, factors affecting animal products deterioration.


052429  Dairy Products Technology                                                                                         2(2-0)    

             Chemical and physical properties of milk and dairy products including microbiological grades and classes of milk, processing of milk and other dairy products, quality control of milk and dairy products.


052432  Food Processing Operations                                                                                       3(2-3)    

            Plant layout; selection of processes, controlling system and transportation of materials and products; introduction to model of operation research and network. 


052433  Food Engineering III                                                                                      3(2-3)

             Pre : 052322

             Heat transfer equation. Conduction, convection, radiation. Boiling, condensation. Steady and unsteady state heat transfer. Heat exchanger. Mass transfer. Contact equilibrium separation. Mass transfer unit operation.     


052434  Refrigeration and Cold Storage                                                                      3(2-3)    

             Refrigeration system, quality and deterioration of food during storage, and field studies. 


052442  Principles of Food Inspection                                                                                     3(2-3)

             Pre : 052332

             General principles of food quality control and food inspection, quality attributes and their measurements, statistics approach for food inspection and applications of inspection for quality control in food processing and management.


052443  Food Quality Assurance                                                                                  2(2-0)    

             Pre : 052342

             Quality, quality control and assurance, principle of organization management concerning quality, quality system and standard of quality system.


052444  Food Plant Sanitation                                                                                       2(2-0)

             Principles of food plant sanitation, sanitary design of process, equipment, cleaning and sanitizing, food-borne diseases and their prevention, insect control, rodent control and personal hygiene.


052445  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point                                                                2(2-0)

             Principle and implementation of HACCP in food processing plant to assure the safety of food products. Hazard analysis. Identification of critical points and establishment of critical limits, CCP monitoring requirement and corrective action. Effective record keeping procedure. Procedures for verification the HACCP. Case Study.


052456  Laboratory in Cereal Processing                                                                    1(0-3)

             Practical works in cereal product processing. Field trip required.  


052462  Microbiology of Food Products                                                                       3(2-3) 

             Pre : 052361  

             Quality deterioration and spoilage of foods and food products from meat, egg, fish, fruit, vegetable and cereal grain; sugar; beverage, canned food and spice and condiment. Industrial uses of microorganisms in lactic acid, citric acid and acetic acid production. Field study. 


052471  Design in food Industry                                                                                   3(2-3)  

             Pre : 052322 

             Applications of chemical, microbiological and technical aspects of food processing to the plant design and improvement of products, food production processes and their influence on equipment design, economics and cost optimization of food products, field study. 


052481  Fishery Products Technology                                                                         2(2-0)    

             Physical and biochemical properties of fish, principle of fish preservation and processing, deterioration and quality control and standard quality of fishery products.


052482  Technology of Edible Fats and Oils                                                                            2(2-0)

 Chemical and physical properties of edible fats and oils, extraction techniques, refining

processes and modification technology, deterioration of fat and oil and their products, storage stability, production techniques of edible fat and oil products.


052483  Post Harvest Technology                                                                                3(2-3)    

             Quality of agricultural products for food and their postharvest loss, postharvest handling and storage, changes of the quality, deterioration and preservation of fresh products, packing and transportation.


052484  Non-Alcoholic Beverage Technology                                                             2(2-0)    

 Types of non-alcoholic beverage; quality, composition, processing methods and

development of new products; carbonated, non-carbonated, concentrated and powdered beverages including beverages from tea, coffee, and cocoa.


052491  Research Techniques                                                                                      3(1-6)

             Techniques in conducting experimental research, proposal writing, experimental design, data collection and interpretation; development of an independent research paper in Food Science and Technology.


052496  Selected Topics in Food Science and Technology                                              1-3

             Study on selected topics in the area of food science and technology, topics are subject to change each semester.


052497  Seminar                                                                                                                    1       

 Review of recent papers relating to food science and technology and giving oral presentation of the technical topics. 


052498  Special Problems                                                                                                 1-3       

             Guided investigation on selected topics related to food science and technology. 


052499  Research Techniques                                                                                      3(1-6)

             Fundamental principles of making research proposal; experimental design, data collection and interpretation; development of an independent research problem.



Packaging Technology



053101  Introduction to Packaging                                                                               3(3-0)    

 Functions and significance of packages. Definition and system of packaging. Material and package fabrication. Applications of packaging in industry. 


053111  Principles of Packaging                                                                                   2(2-0)    

             Fundamental principles of packaging. Materials, process, and machinery in packaging. Evolution, significance, and functions of packaging technology.


053211  Materials in Packaging                                                                                    3(3-0)

             Pre : 053111

 Composition, chemical and physical properties of packaging materials. Production and utilization of materials in packaging industry.


053224  Packaging Operations of Agricultural Products                                             2(2-0)

             Pre : 053111

 Postharvest operations of agricultural products. Deterioration, processing and packaging operation of agro-industrial products. Relationships between packaging and product quality. Product distribution line.


053301  Packaging Materials and Containers                                                                          3(3-0)

 Types and properties of packaging materials. Retail and shipping containers. Package manufacture and application.



053321  Packaging Technology Systems                                                                      3(3-0)

             Pre : 053211

 Systems of packaging technology. Package production. Application of packages in industry.


053322  Laboratory in Packaging Technology I                                                          1(0-3)

 Pre : 053321 or together

 Calibration of instruments. Conditioning of samples. Testing of chemical, physical, and mechanical of packaging materials. Field trip required.


053323  Laboratory in Packaging Technology II                                                         1(0-3)

             Pre : 053322

             Package fabrication methods from packaging materials. Performance testing of packages during application. Dynamics testing of packages. Field trip required.


053331  Dynamics of Packaging                                                                                    2(2-0)

             Pre : 053211

             Dynamic behavior of products and packages during transportation. Free fall drop, shock and vibration of product-package system. Design and development of cushioning materials.


053341  Packaging Standards and Regulations                                                            2(2-0)

             Pre : 053211        

 Standard and laws in packaging relating to quality of products and safety in consumption. Packaging rules for inland and international transportation. Law of packaging waste disposal.


053351  Packaging Design I                                                                                                     3(2-3)

             Theory and concept in design. Art composition arrangement. Application of geometric forms, colors, and letters in design. Figure, symbol, and emblem design. Three dimension design.


053411  Flexible Packaging Materials                                                                         3(3-0)

             Pre : 053211

             Types, chemical and physical properties of flexible materials. Production and processing of materials for packaging technology application.


053412  Adhesives in Packaging                                                                                  3(3-0) 

             Pre : 053211  

             Adhesive types, properties and testing methods. Formation for production and application in packaging industry.


053421  Packaging in Food Industry                                                                                        3(2-3)    

 Relationship of foods, packages and environment. Packaging for food storage. Types and application of packaging in food industry. Field trip required.


053423  Packaging Handling and Transportation                                                         3(3-0)    

             Pre : 053441                                            

 Transportation system. Appropriation of packages for transporting. Testing of package durability for physical distribution. Effects of transportation on product quality.


053424  Principles of Aerosol Technology                                                                   3(3-0)    

 Principles of aerosol. Characteristics, systems, and properties of raw materials and gas. Package and packaging methods. Hazards and protection.


053432  Packaging Machinery                                                                                      2(2-0)

             Pre : 053331   

 Types, components and mechanisms of packaging machines. Working components. Design and selection of automatic and semiautomatic machine for industrial work. Field trip required. 


053441  Packaging Process Analysis                                                                            3(2-3)

             Pre : 053321 and 053331

             Components of packaging steps. Analysis of steps in package production. Principles and control of packaging process. Field trip required.


053452  Packaging Design II                                                                                                    3(2-3)

             Pre : 053351

             Principles of structural and graphic design on packages. Package development in relevant to packaging materials and production processes with environmental concerns. Cost analysis in package design for mass production. Field trip required.



053453  Package Prototype Construction                                                                    1(0-3)

             Pre : 053351

             Package prototype construction from packaging materials in three dimensions. Consumer test on package prototype. Field trip required.


053454  Packaging Drawing                                                                                          1(0-3)

             Use of drawing instruments. Packaging drawing techniques. Three dimension drawing. Dimensioning. Pattern drawing. Section drawing. Computer-aided drawing in packaging.


053455  Graphic Design for Packages                                                                          2(1-3)

             Pre : 053351

 History of graphic design. Graphic component arrangement. Printed matter design. Computer aided graphic design. Field trip required.


053461  Package Printing                                                                                             3(2-3)

             Pre : 053211

             Methods and systems of packaging material and package printing. Type and selection of ink for printing. Field trip required.


053462  Offset Lithography and Flexography on Packages                                         3(3-0)

              Principles of offset lithography and flexography on package. Prepress, proofing and plate making, afterpress. Web fed printing machine and sheet fed printing machine. Printing on metal, paper and plastics. Quality control in printing process. Field trips required.



053471  Applied Economics in Packaging                                                                    3(3-0)    

             Pre : 053321                                            

 Cost analysis of packaging. Cost reduction of packages. Preparation of packaging specification. Feasibility study of packaging industry project.


053491  Research Methodology in Packaging Technology                                                     3(1-6)

 Research methodology in packaging technology at bachelor program level. Report writing.


053496  Selected Topics in Packaging technology                                                           1-3       

             Interesting topics in packaging technology. 


053497  Seminar                                                                                                                    1       


053498  Special Problems                                                                                                 1-3       

             Study and research in specific topics with a report presentation.



Agro-Industrial Product Development



054101  General Agro-Industry                                                                                    3(3-0)    

             Importance of agro-industries, revolution and involving factors on the development of agro-industries and utilization of agricultural products. 


054111  Introduction to Agro-Industry                                                                        2(2-0)    

             Importance of agro-industries, principle of agro-industrial operation, agriculture and agro-industry, raw material deterioration and post harvest technology, manufacturing of agro-industry, by products, agro-industry and environment.


054231  Fundamental Process Engineering                                                                             2(2-0)

             Pre : 417112 and 420119

             Fundamental of engineering drawing, interpretation and computer-aids for agro-industry, dimension and unit engineering, fundamental of mass and energy balance, heat and mass transfer for agro-industrial processing, fluid flow, refrigeration and Psychrometrics.


054232  Laboratory in Fundamental Process Engineering                                          1(0-3)

             Pre : 054231 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054231 Fundamental Process Engineering.


054241  Standard and Regulations for Agro-Industrial Products                                2(2-0)    

             Pre : 054111                                            

 Importance of standard and regulations for agro-industrial products; setting up and grading systems of standard and grading systems of products; standard and regulations of products in Thailand and international.


054242  Laboratory in Standard and Regulations for Agro-industrial Products          1(0-3)

             Pre : 054241 or together

 Laboratory practices related to 054241 Standard and Regulations for Agro-Industrial Products.


054301  General Agricultural Product Development                                                   3(3-0)    

 Revolution and history of agricultural product development, prediction of markets, and products and general principles of product development systems for agricultural products.


054321  Processing of Agro-Industrial Products I                                                       2(2-0)    

             Principles of preservation of agro-industrial products.Preservation by chemical, thermal processing, cooling and freezing, irradiation, drying and fermentation.


054322  Laboratory in Processing of Agro-industrial Products I                                1(0-3)

             Pre : 054321 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054321 Processing of Agro-industrial Products I.


054323  Processing of Agro-Industrial Products II                                                                 2(2-0)

             Pre : 054321

             Principles of agro-industrial products processing, processing steps in food, semi food and non-food products.


054324  Laboratory in Processing of Agro-Industrial Products II                              1(0-3) 

             Pre : 054323 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054323 Processing of Agro-Industrial Products II.


054341  Chemical and Physical Quality Measurement                                                2(2-0)

             Pre : 054241

 Quality components, methods of chemical and physical quality measurement in raw material and agro-industrial products.


054351  Principles of Agro-Industrial Product Development                                                  2(2-0)

 Importance and role of product development, product development process, consumer behavior and needs, generation and screening of new product idea, development product concept, product design, product specifications. Project feasibility study.


054352  Laboratory in Principles of Agro-Industrial Product Development                           1(0-3)

             Pre : 054351 or together

 Laboratory practices related to 054351 Principles of Agro-Industrial Product Development.


054353  Principles of Process Development                                                                            2(2-0)

             Pre : 054231

             Principles of unit operation, mixing, mechanical separation, sedimentation, centrifugation, filtration, distillation, extraction, crystallization, size reduction, homogenization and process development.


054354  Laboratory in Principles of Process Development                                                     1(0-3)

             Pre : 054353 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054353 Principle of Process Development.


054355  Statistics for Product Development                                                                            3(3-0)

             Pre : 422111

             Experimental design, regression analysis, statistical techniques, using statistical package program, data analysis and interpretation, application of statistics in product development.


054401  General Quality Assurance of Agro-industrial Products                                3(3-0)

 Principle and involving factors in quality assurance; methods of quality measurement and evaluation of agricultural raw material and field studies.          


054441  Biological Quality Measurement                                                                    2(2-0)

             Pre : 054241

 Microorganism in agro-industrial products, factors affecting the growth of microorganism, food-poison from microorganism. Principle and method in microorganism measurement, food sanitation, waste treatment, evaluation of nutrition and safety using biological method.


054442  Laboratory in Biological Quality Measurement                                             1(0-3)    

             Pre : 054441 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054441 Biological Quality Measurement.                                            


054443  Quality Measurement in Agro-Industry                                                         3(3-0)    

             Pre : 054441                                            

 Principle of quality management, factors affecting quality, quality management system, quality assurance, tools and techniques for total quality management, standards and institutes related in agro-industry.


054444  Raw Material Quality Control of Agro-Industry                                             3(2-3)

             Pre : 054441        

             Principle of raw material quality control of agro-industry, planning experiment and management of quality control, starting from variety selection, preharvest, postharvest, transportation, and storage of raw materials, field studies. 


054445  Management and Evaluation of Quality Control in Agro-Industry                            3(2-3)

             Pre : 054441   

             Collecting data, planning experiments, management and data processing, evaluation and quality improvement; setting standards and appropriate quality control in agro-industry. 


054446  Sensory Evaluation of Quality                                                                         2(2-0)

             Sensory evaluation of agro-industrial products, physiology of sensory organs, methods of screening and training of panelists, planning and statistics analysis, questionnaire and data processing, consumer testing.


054447  Laboratory in Sensory Evaluation of Quality                                                  1(0-3) 

             Pre : 054446 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054446 Sensory Evaluation of Quality.



054451  Techniques for Product Development                                                            2(2-0)

  Pre : 054351 or 054355

             Project planning, formulation of prototype products, optimization techniques, process development, product testing, product testing consumer and storage testing.


054452  Laboratory in Techniques for Product Development                                                 1(0-3)

             Pre : 054451 or together

             Laboratory practices related to 054451 Techniques for Product Development.


054453  Process Development of Agro-Industrial Products                                                   3(2-3)    

             Pre : 054353                                            

 Physical and chemical quality factors of raw material involving in equipment design, specific unit operation of the processes and improvement of the process, application of new technique in process development, field studies 


054454  Consumer product Development                                                                    3(2-3)

             Pre : 054351   

             Types, function, quality and networks of consumer products in the local and international markets; specification of quality of raw material; products and process control of consumer products; markets of consumer product; background on eating habits, behaviors and requirement of consumer considering of product quality, packaging and prices and paths of consumer product development systems, field studies. 


054455  Institutional and Catering Product Development                                           3(2-3)    

             Pre : 054351                                            

             Types and functions of institutional and catering products; status and situation of consumer and product; convenient foods, fast foods and franchised products; preparation of foods to processed foods; menus and displays of products; raw materials and product quality, packaging, storage condition and price and paths of consumer product development system, field studies. 


054456  Nutritional Product Development                                                                   3(2-3)    

             Pre : 054351                                            

 Roles of nutrition to the human growth; types, functions and quality of nutritional products; effects of processing on nutritive values and sensory quality of products; specification of raw materials and products; formulation and process development; consumers tests and storage test of the products.


054457  Traditional Food Product Development                                                         3(2-3) 

             Pre : 054351       

             Types, markets and quality of traditional products, weak points of processes and quality, improvement of processes and product quality; specification of raw material, formulation and quality control, and field studies. 


054458  Research and Development for Agro-Industry                                              3(3-0)

             Pre : 054451

 Importance of research and development in agro-industry, production scale up, costing and pricing, product strategy and management, new product management, marketing and product development interface, product standard and regulation.


054459  Product Development Project                                                                         2(0-6)

             Pre : 054451

 Product development from idea generation to final products, report writing and presentation.


054471  Agro-Industry Management                                                                           3(3-0)    

 Pre : 132111

 Development of agro-industry, planning and setting up of management systems, selection of equipment, process, financial operation and depreciation, field studies.


054472  Design in Agro-Industry                                                                                 3(2-3)    

 Agro-Industrial processes layout, product design and selection equipment, plant location

and its influence in plant layout, improvement of processing, design of production and factory layout.


054491  Research Methodology                                                                                   3(1-6)

             Pre : 054355 and 054441

             Research techniques in planning experiment, analysis and evaluation, report writing and presentation.


054496  Selected Topics in Product Development                                                      3(3-0)       

             Interesting topics in agro-industrial product development. 


054497  Seminar                                                                                                                    1       


054498  Special Problems                                                                                                 1-3       

             Guided investigation on selected topic related to product development.



Textile Science and Technology



 055131  Basic Apparel Construction                                                                                       1(0-2)

  Characteristics of stitches seams and stitching. Classifications, applications and maintenance of basic industrial machines.  Practical techniques in basic sewing.


055211  Textile Technology I                                                                                                   3(2-2)

 Pre  :  403221

             Natural and man-made fiber utilization in textile industry.  Effect of chemical and physical structure of fiber to textile processing and end uses.


055231            Apparel Technology                                                                                         3(1-4)

             Pre  :  055131

 Characteristics of International Standard patterns. Principles of pattern adjustment. Basic construction techniques based on the apparel styles and fabrics. Use of sewing equipment and attachments appropriated to the work.


055241  Basic Arts for Textiles                                                                                    3(2-2)

             Principles and elements of arts relating to textile and their product design.


055242            Fashion Illustration Techniques                                                                      1(0-2)

             Pre :  055241

 The human figure and fashion figure proportions. Principles and techniques of drawing of various pose figures.  Presentation by coloring techniques and other materials.


055311            Textile Technology II                                                                                                  3(2-2)

             Pre :  055211

 Yarn and fabric processing. Systems and operation controls of machines used for manufacturing. Characteristics of products. Development of machines and technology for higher efficiency in production, design and utilization.


055312            Textile Technology III                                                                                     3(2-2)

 Pre :  055311

             Processes of fabric finishing, bleaching, dyeing and coloring of textiles. Finishing for specific properties.  Finishing process affecting the uses of textiles.  Field trip required.


055321  Technology of Textile Dyeing                                                                                     3(1-4)

             Pre  :  403221

 Kinds and chemical composition of dyes.  Factors and properties of fibers affecting color fastness.  Preparation of textiles for dyeing.  Machines, procedures and new techniques used in dyeing.  Field trip required.


055324            Color Science                                                                                                               2(2-0)

             Theory of color vision.  Color measurement system, color order system, Munsell standard system and other related standard systems used in textile and textile product industry.


055331            Apparel Production Processes                                                                                      3(3-0)

Pre :  055231

Methods and processes essential to apparel production with emphasis on design, size,  specification, equipment, construction method and determination, packing inspection, quality control, transferring and retention.  Field trip required.               


055332            Construction Techniques for Apparel Industry                                               3(1-4)

             Pre :  055131

 Development of skills, techniques of sewing construction and the arrangement of necessary equipment in apparel industry considering style and fabric.


055333            Type and Style in Ready to Wear                                                                     2(1-2)

 Types and styles of apparel and their utilization as related to environment, economy and culture to be used as guideline in design planning for industrial production.


055342            Principles of Apparel Design                                                                                       3(2-2)

 Pre :  055333

 Principles and elements of apparel design with emphasis on the importance of a total fashion outlook in relation to style and details.


055343            Textile Design                                                                                                              2(0-4)

             Pre :  055211, 055241

 The use of principles of weaving and essential elements of art in creating textile sample.


055351  The Chronicle of Costume                                                                              3(2-2)

             Characteristics and evolution of traditional costumes in various periods.


055411  Knitting Technology and Products                                                                 3(1-4)

             Pre : 055311

 Kinds of fiber and yarn processing suitable for flat knitted machinery. Designing and knitted processing suitable for end uses.


055421  Linen and Ramie Processing                                                                                      3(2-2)

             Pre :  055312

 Physical structure of linen fiber and ramie fiber. Processes of fiber separating, yarn spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing and finishing suitable for linen and ramie.  Field trip.


055422  Silk Processing                                                                                                3(2-2)

             Pre :  055312

 Processing required for silk industry starting from silk yarn production, weaving bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing. Field trip.


055423            Wool Processing                                                                                               3(2-2)

             Pre :  055312

 Physical structure of wool fiber.  Processing required for wool textiles starting from scouring, yarn spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.  Field trip .


055424  Textile Testing and Quality Control                                                                           3(2-2)

             Pre : 422111

 Principles and methods of physical testing for textiles and textile products. Quality control of manufacturing process.


055425            Textile Printing Technology                                                                            3(1-4)

             Pre : 055324

 Theory of textile printing designs and printing methods. Techniques of print making.  Related technology in textile printing. Field trip required.


055426            Textile Cleaning                                                                                                3(2-2)

            Pre : 403221

            Kinds and chemical composition of cleaning substances, and their activities. Type and working systems of washing machines.  Selection of cleaning agent suitable for particular kinds of textiles.  Method of stain removal and cleaning system.


055427  Basic Textile Analysis                                                                                                 3(1-4)

             Pre :  055312

             Qualitative and quantitative chemical and physical analyses of textile components.


055428            Polymer in Textile Industry                                                                             3(2-2)

             Pre :  055211

 Kinds and roles of polymer in textile production.  Fiber properties and finishing agents.  Uses and identification of polymers used in textile industry. Field trip required.


055429            Museum Textile Conservation                                                                        3(2-2)

             Pre :  055211

 Ancient textile conservation by means of scientific ways. Factors affecting quality of textiles.  Principles of museum textile exhibition. Field trip.


055431            Pattern Construction for Apparel Industry                                                      3(1-4)

             Pre : 055231

 Principles of flat pattern making. Methods of pattern grading. Industrial pattern development with emphasis on apparel style and various fabrics.


055435            Textile Product Technology                                                                             2(0-4)

             Pre :  055241

 Textile product design and production lines. Technology and machinery involving in production lines. Field trip required.


055442            Apparel Design Collection and Presentation                                                               3(0-6)

            Pre :  055333

Workshop on individual creative projects as related to studentís area of design interests.  Students present their projects including the draft designs and collections.


055443            Textile Design for Special Use                                                                                    2(0-4)

             Pre :  055343

 Creative textile design for special propose by using weaving techniques, texture design techniques and decorative materials.


055444            Textile and Products for Interior                                                                     3(1-4)

             Pre :  055241, 055312

             Selection of textile products for interior decoration in various patterns according to material properties, patterns and method of productions.


055445  Packaging for Textiles and Products                                                                          2(1-2)

 Pre :  055241

 Design, selection of materials suitable for packaging. Laws and regulation related to packaging for textiles and products.  Field trip required.


055451            Ancient World Textiles                                                                                    3(2-2)

 Sources of textiles, kinds of fibers, design, coloring, material use, weaving techniques and end uses of historic textiles native textiles of Tai ethnic. Field trip required.


055461            Textile and Product Merchandising                                                                 3(3-0)

             Pre  :  055333, 145111

 Principle of textile and product merchandising starting from planning, marketing, purchasing. Retail and wholesale system. Promotion and product presentation.


055462            Textile and Product Industrial Management                                                               3(3-0)

             Pre :  132111

 Structure of textile and product industries. Management and operation procedures related to production system. Textile product analysis. Operation planning to make a balance in production line.


055463  Production Control in Textile and Product Industries                                   3(3-0)

             Pre :  055462

 Principles of textile production control and product control according to production  planning and system which based on personnel, machinery, equipment and materials.


055491  Basic Research Methods in Textile and Products                                          3(1-4)

 Research techniques used in textiles and products. Analysis and evaluation of results.   Report writing and presentation.


055496            Selected Topics in Textile and Product Technology                                                      1-3

 Interesting topic in textile and product technology. Topic can be changed each semester.


055497            Seminar                                                                                                                     1

             Review of recent papers relating to textile and product technology and giving oral presentation on the selected topics for undergraduate students.


055498  Special Problems                                                                                                1-3

             Study and research in specific topic for undergraduate students with a written report or report presentation.






056211  Introduction to Physico-Chemical Processing Technology                            2(2-0)

              Principles of agro-processing by means of chemical and physical methods, products and economic impact of value-added products from agriculture raw materials.


056231  Physico-Chemical Processing I                                                                       3(2-3)

             Pre : 051231

              Theories of physico-chemical processes and their industrial applications. Emphasis on disintegration, filtration, extraction, mixing, freezing and thermal processing.


056311  Physico-Chemical Properties of Agro-Industrial Products                            3(2-3)

             Pre : 403111 and 420118

             Thermodynamic properties of gas. Liquid and solid. Rheology of liquid and solid materials. Formation and properties of gel and elastic materials.


056312  Physico-Chemical Analysis of Agro-Industrial Products                                3(2-3)

             Pre : 402331 and 402312

             Analyses of chemical and physical components of starch, protein, and fat that related to agro-industry. Use of analytical instruments, gas chromatograph, HPLC and NMR.


056321  Polymer Technology I                                                                                                 3(3-0)

              Pre : 056231 and 403221

              Structure and morphology of polymers and copolymers. Characterization of polymer and copolymer structure. Theories of crystallization and melting. Relationship between physical properties and crystal morphology.


056322  Leather Processing Technology I                                                                   3(3-0)

              Types of physical properties, hides structure of tissues, preparation of raw materials. Degradation and preservation of hides for tanning. Inspection of raw hides.


056331  Physico-Chemical Processing II                                                                     4(3-3)

             Pre : 056231

             Control and calculation of material balance during processing. Analyses of physico-chemical processes. Case studies. Unit operation in physico-chemical processes in Agro-Industry for manufacturing of various products.


056411  Rubber Chemistry                                                                                           3(3-0)

              Pre : 403221

              Chemical and physical properties of natural and synthetic rubbers. Use of chemical compounds to preserve and modify properties of rubber. Chemical analyses of rubber and latex.


056412  Leather Chemistry                                                                                          3(2-3)

             Pre : 403221

             Chemical composition of leather. Theory of aldehydes and elements that affect chemical reaction of leather. Kinetics of consequence chemical reactions, including reactions upon collagen.


056421  Polymer Technology II                                                                                    3(2-3)

             Pre : 056321

             Polymerization and copolymerization in industry. Mechanical properties of polymers. Modification of polymer properties by chemical and physical processing. Production and selection of polymeric materials for specific use.


056422  Polymer Molding and Die Technology                                                           3(2-3)

             Polymer moulding for industrial use with die technology.


056423  Rubber Technology                                                                                         3(2-3)   

             Production of latex and different types of dried rubbers. Standard and regulations of rubber and latex. Chemical analysis of latex.




056424  Leather Processing Technology II                                                                 3(2-3)

             Preparation of rawhides for tanning. Processes and chemical additives concerning different kinds of leather products. Chemical and physical changes of tissues. Deterioration and storage of leather. Standard and inspection of leather.


056425  Leather Processing Technology III                                                                3(2-3)

             Pre : 056424

              Quality improvement of leather by means of chemical and physical methods. Methods of drying. Planning for manufacturing. Processes and controls. Quality inspection of products.


056427  Vegetables Oil Technology                                                                             3(2-3)

              Design, extraction and refining of various fats and oils. Progress in fat and oil processing technology.


056428  Essential Oil Technology                                                                                3(2-3)

             Principles and processing technology of essential oil production. Sources of raw materials. Utilization of essential oils in industries.


056431  Instrumentation and Control            in Physico-Chemical Processing                       3(3-0)

            Analysis and design of instruments for manufacturing. Monitoring and control of Physico-Chemical  processes. Theories of measurements of temperature, pH, voltage. Fluid  level control, flow control. Inspection and design of inspection system.


056441  Quality Control in Physico-Chemical Processing                                           3(3-0)

              Pre : 422111

             Systems and instruments for quality control. Quality measurement and report preparation. Quality manual preparation and planning for the international quality system.


056471  Physico-Chemical Processing Plant Design                                                               3(3-0)

             Pre : 056331

             Analysis and design of plant, equipment and necessary instrument for production of assigned products.


056481  Synthetic Rubber and Rubber Product Technology                                                   3(2-3)

             Theories and methods of production of synthetic rubber. Production of rubber products from latex and synthetic rubber. Mechanical properties and mechanical testing of rubber products.


056482  Sugar Technology                                                                                            3(2-3)

             Processing and operations of sugar industry. Deterioration, storage, and processing of sugar in industrial plants. By-products from sugar industry. Industrial plant visits.


056483  Starch Technology                                                                                           3(2-3)

             Technology of starch manufacturing. Processes in starch industry. Modifications of various starch products for utilization in other industries. Quality control.




056484  Leather By-Product Technology                                                                     3(2-3)

             Chemical and physical properties of by-product from tannery. Application of by-product from tannery in gelatin, pet food, and film manufacturing.


056485  Color and Flavor Technology                                                                                      3(2-3)

              Principles and processing of colors and flavors. Sources of raw materials. Utilization of colors and flavors in industry.


051486  Feed Technology                                                                                             3(2-3)

             Principle of feed production, nutritional value added in feed, composition of feed and feed safety, include factory visits.


056491  Research Techniques                                                                                                  3(1-6)

             Techniques in experimentation. Data analysis and evaluation. Compiling and report writing in Physico-Chemical Processing Technology.